Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I hate Asymmetry!!yrtemmysA ehat I

Symmetry is beautiful. It gives you that nice feeling. Ahhhhh. Asymmetry is disgusting. It gives you that uncomfortable feeling. Ughhhh.

There is one exception to this rule. Faces. As those of you with photographic memory will remember, in my blog post "Gum" I talked about my ideal woman and one of her attributes was "Asymmetrical Face". This is the one area in which I actually like asymmetry. It makes people's faces, which are usually boring, interesting. I also like faces with character in them. Also, people with perfectly symmetrical faces look really fake.

Now, let's list a few of the many ugly asymmetrical things
  • Facial hair (Which is actually always ugly, but it looks worse when it is asymmetrical)
  • Pants
  • Sleeves
  • Those stupid tops that girls wear with the head hole that stretches over one shoulder
  • And finally, ears. I realize that this one isn't a choice, but you could have just as easily gotten an asymmetrical face which would look good.
On to other things that annoy me.
Facebook trends? Those things that plague my News Feed like nothing else? The annoying, obnoxious, and incredibly similar fads that never seem to end? Yeah, I know them. Why, who cares?

Mythbusters just confirmed that someone that is sleep deprived is a much more dangerous driver than someone that is tipsy. If there was ever any doubt, let it be known that alcoholic insomniacs shouldn't drive.

A lot of people ask me, "Simon, why do you love Canadians so much?" A great question. And actually, I don't think anyone has ever asked me that, but I was thinking about it today. It's not that I've never met or heard of a Canadian I didn't like, it's just that I know of so many that I love. Barenaked Ladies, Rheostatics, Steve Nash, Wayne Gretzky, Robin Scherbatzky, and many others. These great people are most of the Canadians I have heard of. Therefore, using inductive reasoning I must come to the conclusion that the majority of Canadians are really awesome.

Don't try this at home,

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