Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hello! I'm Tom Hanks

Today is the first official day of BOTTY (Blog Occasionally Throughout The Year). Now, I know what you're thinking, "That sounds like an awfully big commitment, can Simon keep up with it?" and the answer is probably.

Okay, some of you might be a little confused (I know I am). First of all, my name is Simon. I'm sixteen years old and a senior in high school. I recently finished a blog called Indecisive (found at which I wrote for something called Blog Every Day August (in which you blog every day in the month of August). After finishing my first blog, I decided to make another one. However, I did not want to blog every single day so I decided to just do it whenever I felt like it. This is why I created BOTTY.

I am way behind. I have not seen Inception. I have this feeling that everyone else in the world knows something about the nature of reality that I have yet to comprehend. This is exactly the same feeling I had before I saw Avatar. And frankly, I was very disappointed by that movie. I think that all of this hype will give me extremely high expectations for Inception and I will not enjoy it as much as I could have. So, I have two options. Option number one: never see Inception. Option Number two: convince myself it won't be as good as I think so that I go into it with an open mind and come out of it amazed. I hope.

Commercials are the coming together of a bunch of failures. I mean, you have the failed actor who has been reduced to doing commercials that have a crappy script written by a failed writer all of which is directed by a failed director. The only people who have succeeded in this situation are the creators of the product being sold. They at least had the common sense to not pay for anything better since they are selling something that is a piece of crap.

There is one thing in this world I can't stand: people who don't like The Simpsons. It is absolutely the funniest thing that has ever been written. I mean, if you like your comedy smart, stupid, or anything in between, it delivers. It is always clever and anyone who doesn't see that is entirely idiotic. That is all.

For once the rich white man is in control,

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