Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Lately, I've heard a lot of people talking about their "Perfect girl" or "Perfect guy." Now, I think it is unhealthy to idealize the opposite sex and have some fantasy about perfection in a significant other. However, I also think it is unhealthy to eat frozen custard, but that doesn't stop me. So, let's see what I can come up with. This will be in order of importance.

1. Not related to me
2. Canadian
3. Female
4. Mormon
5. Loves the Harry Potter Series
6.A brunette (However, a blonde would also work just as long as they do not confirm any of the stereotypes about blonde women)
7. A true fan of one or more of the following: Sondre Lerche, Frank Sinatra*, Jeff Buckley, or Barenaked Ladies* (* Please n
note that I said TRUE fans)
8. An actress
9. A singer
10. A dancer
11. Classy
12. Very classy
13. A Nerdfighter
14. Someone who ironically uses words that I hate.
15. Someone who uses the words "Intermittent" "perfunctory" and "supposedly" correctly.
16. Named Jane Enid Beth St. Claire
17. In an all-girl band
18. Has hair that falls down in front of her eyes occasionally
19. Clever
20. Knows a lot about either politics or the economy
21. Quirky
22. Creative
23. Loves the movie A Mighty Wind
24. Loves The Office
25. Asymmetrical face
26. Enjoys literature
27. Loves olives (See the "Olive Theory" from How I Met Your Mother)
28. Loves How I Met Your Mother
29. Dresses modestly
30. Watches The Daily Show
31. Watches The Colbert Report
32. Never uses the "word" "supposably"
33. Gets all of the references in this post

-Supposedly Simon
(Awful Alliteration)


  1. You, sir, crack me up.
    Also: Canadian? That's your second most important characteristic? Interesting...

  2. I like that Canadian is more important than female :)